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Lead Testing Lakewood NJ

Mold Removal Lakewood NJ wants to assist customers in making their houses a secure and healthy place for their families. We do lead testing and inspections for this reason. According to the Department of Health, lead-based paint is present in 1.2 million residences in Washington, and lead exposure can be dangerous, especially for young children. Because our inspectors are certified Lead Risk Assessors, they are qualified to offer advice and recommendations on protecting their families from exposure and being trained to collect samples for testing. So please give us a call if they have any concerns regarding lead in their home. We’ll be pleased to assist them in making their house safer for their loved ones and to answer any questions they may have.

Accurate Lead Testing & Lead Removal

When it comes to testing for lead paint, there are three primary methods available. The first is X-ray fluorescence (XRF), a non-destructive test that can be used on any painted surface. XRF testing is fast, accurate, and does not require the use of harsh chemicals. The second type of testing is called paint chip sampling, which involves taking a small sample of paint from the surface being tested. This method is less accurate than XRF testing and can also harm the environment if the paint chips are not disposed of properly. The third type of testing is called swab sampling, which involves rubbing a cotton swab on the paint’s surface to collect a sample. The hardest to get a representative sample with this method, making it the least accurate of the three. Overall, XRF testing is the best option for lead paint testing because it is accurate and non-destructive.

Why Is Lead Paint Removal So Important?

XRF testing is a reliable and effective way to test for the presence of lead in paint. This method works by bombarding the material with high-intensity x-rays and measuring the secondary x-rays emitted from the surface. XRF testing is fast and accurate, and it provides instant results. It makes it an ideal choice for lead paint testing. In addition, XRF testing is non-destructive, meaning it does not damage the material being tested. It makes it an ideal choice for testing materials that are delicate or difficult to replace. Overall, XRF testing is a safe, accurate, and efficient test for lead in paint.

The #1 Lead Testing In Lakewood

The traditional method for testing for lead was painting chip sampling. However, this approach is harmful and necessitates sanding or scraping some of the paint. Additionally, since those samples need to be sent to a lab for analysis, remodeling must wait till the testing is finished for a few days. Smaller regions can benefit from using paint chip sampling for the lead when only one or two samples are required. Still, if they are considering a moderately sized remodel project, it can quickly require 10-15 samples, making the XRF method a superior option. XRF testing is non-destructive, provides results in minutes, and only requires one sample per room—so they can get their remodel project underway without delay.

Best Price For Lead Paint Removal

Although lead test kits are widely available at hardware stores, they must be aware of their limitations. As the EPA has found, these kits are often inaccurate, resulting in false positives and negatives. It can be a severe problem, as it may lead to either unnecessary work (and expense) or a failure to identify and address a potentially dangerous situation. It is preferable to get the test performed by a professional if somebody is concerned about lead in their home. Although this may cost more upfront, it will ultimately save them time and money in the long run.

Get A Free Home Lead Test Near Me

Lakewood Mold Removal can test clients’ homes for lead quickly and easily with our XRF Analyzer. This handheld device allows us to test for lead on any painted surface without damaging the finish. Walk around their home and scan surfaces to get instant results. We recommend testing all painted surfaces, especially if their home is older or custom-made with features like crown molding or wainscoting. They can enjoy peace of mind in a matter of minutes, knowing their family is protected in their house. Contact us today to schedule a lead testing appointment.

Get Professional Assistance In Removing Harmful Lead Paint

At Lakewood Mold Removal, the family’s safety is our top priority. We offer professional lead paint inspection services to ensure their home is free of potential hazards. Please call us so we can schedule a meeting for an inspection.

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