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Mold Violation Lakewood NJ

Mold Removal Lakewood NJ gives customers access to a diverse selection of services that are intended to assist them in efficiently addressing difficulties that are related to mold. We are able to lend a hand to them in repairing the problem, and once it has been resolved, we will vouch for the fact that the violation has been remedied within the permitted amount of time. In addition, we provide a comprehensive selection of additional services, which include testing for mold, eliminating mold, and preventing the growth of mold. These are just a few of the many options that are now available. Our primary goal is to provide each and every one of our customers with the very finest service that is humanly feasible. We have come to the conclusion that it is in all of our best interests to work together to ensure that the mold problem that they are currently dealing with is resolved as rapidly as is physically possible.

Mold Violations? We Got This

A Class B or Class C mold violation in a building with more than ten units requires the building owner to hire two separate, independent businesses for mold inspection and remediation; one company is in charge of each service. Contractors in the state of New York are required to possess licenses issued by the state in order to conduct mold inspections and remediation. People are unable to employ the same company to complete both activities at the same time. Lakewood Mold Removal is able to provide assistance to them with that, much to their good fortune. We are a certified company that is able to provide services that include the inspection of mold as well as the removal of mold from a property. To get started, people should get in touch with us as soon as they can!

Fix People’s Mold Violation NYC

One of the most prevalent types of home breaches is mold, which is pervasive. Significant health problems can arise from mold, and once it has established itself, it is frequently difficult to get rid of. If they receive a Notice of Violation for mold, they must fix the issue and submit a certification to HPD to show that the problem has been resolved. They are not compelled to take any action if they do not get a Notice of Violation for mold. They will be asked to provide details on the date we fixed the issue and the company or person who did it. Not only will they be fully compliant with the law once they have rectified the issue and submitted the certification, but the safety of their tenants will also be considerably increased.

Don't Know What To Do About NYC DEP Mold Violation?

There are precise procedures that must be followed by any landlord whose property has received a citation for a mold violation in order to get the issue cleared up. They must first obtain form AF-7, an affidavit of compliance, fill it out, and submit it. As soon as the HPD has finished its building investigation and verified that the mold issue has been remedied, the violation will be immediately dropped. They will have to submit a Dismissal Request and pay the necessary amount for another inspection if there hasn’t already been an HPD inspection that demonstrates the problem has been fixed. They will be able to have the infraction cleared from their record as a result. But after that, if they take care of everything, they shouldn’t experience any more issues!

Let Us Take Care Of Mold Issues

Finding out that their house has a mold issue can be a scary and unnerving experience. They must take immediate corrective action if the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) has cited their property for a mold violation. They can get help from Lakewood Mold Removal, a market leader in addressing mold issues, to get their house back in a safe and healthy condition for their family. We will work together with them to make sure that the necessary steps are taken to address the issue because we are familiar with the procedure for remediating a mold violation. Get in contact with us right away to benefit from our free consultation!

About the Company

Many years have passed since Lakewood Mold Removal opened its doors for disaster recovery and home cleaning businesses. We care about the clients we assist and greatly respect diversity and teamwork. The company Lakewood Mold Removal is committed to the advancement of innovation and values education. By upholding our corporate values, encouraging people’s personal development, offering top-notch customer service, and growing our bottom line, we achieve our main objectives.


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